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The Shield of Credit Protection and Repair.


PROTOCOL Credit is the credit repair solution unlike any other. From erroneous accounts, to mistakes you wish you could undo, there is a process and protocol for fixing credit, and PROTOCOL Credit has the solutions you need.

Our team is made-up of the the Credit Repair SHIELD – attorneys, industry PhDs, and certified accountants.

Our team knows the law, we know consumer rights, social programs associated with credit repair, we know the financial books and auditing process and we will not be bullied. Our attorneys previously come from Fortune 500s, our PhDs from the Ivy Leagues, and our Accountants from the IRS.

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Coalesce our impressive industry and social expertise with extensive knowledge on how to solve simple to complex credit situations and you HAVE THE ONLY SHIELD in the credit repair industry.

Let us help you get your credit back on track, and enjoy all the financial and quality of life advantages that a good credit score can bring you.

When you choose PROTOCOL Credit, you carry the shield of PROTOCOL protection. While credit bureaus and furnishers have long been a source of pain and exploitation, when you choose PROTOCOL, you choose the shield.

How It Works

  1. Step 1. PROCESS

    We work with you to identify the “low hanging fruit” of credit issues which we can solve with immediacy and impact your score quickly. Once we execute this, we will work with you to identify additional opportunities for credit score improvement.

  2. Step 2. PUSH

    We challenge your questionable negative items with all three bureaus, but let’s be real -> every credit repair service does this and there is nothing special about this and requires little “expertise” -> At PROTOCOL we go further: we aggressively advocate for you with the furnishers and creditors regarding existing and previous debt.

  3. Step 3. PROTECT

    The credit bureaus, furnishers, the debt collectors, and collection agencies can be aggressive, sometimes overstepping legalities, and despite consumer protections, harassments are frequently documented. The PROTOCOL SHIELD brings a new element of protection. A seasoned team of former corporate attorneys, Ivy League experts, and former IRS auditors, we will not be bullied. We wrote the book on protection and we place you behind the PROTOCOL SHIELD.

  4. Step 4. PROTOCOL

    Our monitoring process is at the core of PROTOCOL. We continue to watch your credit, addressing additional issues as they arise so that you can stay on track and reach your goals.


I tried for months to fix my own credit and get some of my previous debtors to work with me. I wanted to find a way to make good, but never could get anything to work.

Once I put PROTOCOL in front of me, I was getting notices of negative mark deletions and even had creditors calling me asking for resolution. I guess once they knew who I was working with, they wanted to find a way to settle. PROTOCOL talks about their shield, but maybe they should mention their sword.

- Alex, 25



YOU SUBMIT THE REQUEST, we will email you an intake form, once you complete and return the intake form, we will provide you a link to run a free credit report and provide us with access.

We will schedule a 10 min. call with an intake review specialist and provide you with a quote.

Each individual circumstance is different, but a typical service runs at a $150 one-time membership joining fee followed with a $99 a month membership fee with an initial commitment at a 6 month minimum.

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Probably not, and not because we don’t work quickly, but because the bureaus and furnishers don’t work quickly and create a lot of lag time while we wait for their responses. We process quickly – as soon as we get the responses we are back on the attack if they are not favorable, or are on the phone with you discussing next steps if the bureaus are showing us that we are making positive progress.

Do you have a cancelation guarantee?

Yes, you can cancel within 30 days of initial membership and while you will be charged for the initial joining fee of $150, you will not be charged for the first month of membership or subsequent 6 months minimum of membership. You must, however, cancel your service using your confirmed email account in writing within 30 days. So not 34 days, not 32 days, not 63 days because you were out of town or had an extenuating issue, but by the 30th day of your initial membership.

How It Works

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Upon your free consultation, a credit repair specialist will pull your full credit report and analyze it carefully to identify all the errors and discrepancies.


During this step, we utilize the laws put in place to protect the consumer, in order to challenge any inaccurate information that the credit bureaus may be reporting.


Throughout this journey, we make sure you are equipped with the tools and platforms needed to stay in the loop and watch your scores rise as the credit bureaus adjust your credit reports.

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